Headset that can follow facial expressions!


Studies are being done on many headphones. Some of them attract attention with their designs, while others manage to attract attention with the features they offer. Now, a headset based on machine learning has been developed, this headset draws attention with its ability to track facial expressions. The headset, which can follow facial expressions, has great potential as it will be further developed in the future.

Headphones that can track facial expressions draw attention

Researchers at Cornell University use this camera system in both in-ear and on-ear headphones thanks to the RGB camera they have developed. In this way, this device, which can track facial expressions, allows the user to follow even while wearing a mask.

C-Face can follow the cheek movements and the user’s movements and turn them into emojis. This system is tried to enable people to express their feelings better in group video conversations that have become very popular today. This system, which is based on the user’s muscle movements, can also detect movements in the cheek.

This headset, which can monitor the user’s muscle movements, can turn a total of 8 facial expressions into emojis. Likewise, it can use these facial expressions to control playback options in music apps. This device, called C-Face, has been tested with nine participants for now, but it stands out with an 85 percent success rate.

Video published for the device:


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