Headset, controls and camera: PS5 accessories

Sony’s new generation of video games has arrived on the market with everything. With the PlayStation 5, the gaming experience took on futuristic and totally revolutionary airs, integrating the gamer community into a top of the line equipment that brings everything an enthusiast needs.

On PS5, games started to present much more realistic visuals, thanks to the potential for 4K resolution and the frame rate at 60 fps and 120 fps. In addition, the boring loading times were optimized to be much faster, making the access to games and the movement between the interface and other screens more dynamic by taking advantage of the potential of SSDs, which arrived to replace conventional HDs once and for all.

The console was launched with a series of accessories that add a lot of experience to the PlayStation 5. The video game brought with it the DualSense controller, which renewed the gaming sensations in a more immersive way by retiring the vibrations of old controls, as well as latest generation headset and other interesting and full of news devices.

Check below the accessories that were launched with the PS5 and stamp the brand of the new generation.

Headset Sony Pulse 3D

Designed for high-performance gaming, the Pulse 3D Headset takes the gaming experience to the next level by delivering excellent sound quality without delay and an ultra comfortable design for hours of gaming.

Players will be able to take advantage of the full capacity of the peripheral with 3D audio thanks to Tempest 3D AudioTech technology, responsible for producing incredible sound effects that come from all directions. And to improve, the feature is combined with two noise-canceling microphones.

Despite being designed for the PS5, the sony Pulse 3D is also compatible with PS4 and Windows and macOS computers, and can be configured via Bluetooth, wireless adapter, or direct connection, using a 3.5mm extension cable. In addition, the accessory can last up to 12 hours of use, with a rechargeable battery via USB-C.

Control DualSense

DualSense emerges as one of the biggest news on PS5, completely revolutionizing the concept of game controllers. Now, players will have access to a series of features that promise to significantly increase immersion, through a device capable of reproducing the sensations of the game such as atmospheres, environments, shots and other actions in games.

Among its functions, the DualSense PS5 control brings the tactile response to the hands of the players, which replaces the vibrations of the old controls thanks to the double actuators with dynamic vibrations, varying their consistency in each game experienced. In addition, the triggers now give a greater sense of precision, transmitting different levels of tension and turning shooting and running games into something totally new.

HD camera

With the PS5’s new HD camera, it’s much easier to stream and record videos of your favorite games. The accessory has a fully customizable experience where users can customize the green screen background of their studios through numerous removal tools.

The camera records images in Full HD quality (1080p) and comes with an integrated support for you to position it where you prefer, allowing total adjustment of angles in order to better adapt to what the player wants to show.

Media control

Navigation through the PlayStation 5 applications and system received unprecedented support from a dedicated remote control, which already has shortcut keys for services such as YouTube, Disney +, Spotify and Netflix, capable of activating the controller even with the console turned off.

The accessory also controls the television in a very practical way, bringing the basic buttons of volume, menu, channels and playback modes, allowing the peripheral to be used while the DualSense is loaded.



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