Headset change on Apple’s website


Apple made a significant change on the official website for the Beats brand. With this change, as understood, Apple will put aside the process of promoting the Beats brand on headphones.

Apple removed Beats page from website

Before the event to be held on October 13, 2020, Apple has removed the page it prepared for the Beats brand, which is on the website. Users who want to reach the address for the moment are warned that there is no such page.

apple beats

Apple’s taking such a step before the iPhone 12 event revealed different comments. Apparently, Apple plans to give priority to AirPods and AirPods Pro models before the Beats brand. In this process, it seems that a separate study for the Beats name on headphones will be prevented.

In addition, the expectations of Apple’s announcement of an on-ear headset called AirPods Studio at the iPhone 12 event seem to have increased after this change. Apple may begin to keep the Beats brand behind the AirPods models in both in-ear and on-ear headset models.

With the official event to be organized by Apple on October 13, 2020, detailed information will be revealed on this subject.


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