Headphone is not just for listening to music


A survey carried out by Qualcomm with 5,000 smartphone users in the United States reveals interesting data on what consumer expectations are about the use of wireless headsets. According to the company, many are interested in improving device connections with their cell phones (35%), and accessories are used for more than just “listening to music”.

According to the survey, the most important aspect taken into account by the public is the sound quality: 77% of the participants declared not to give up high resolution reproductions. In addition, a durable battery is an almost universal requirement, along with comfort, says the company, which details that 83% of respondents want lasting experiences.

Complementing the report, it was pointed out that the consumption of visual media with the support of earbuds, such as films and series, became the third most popular among those who use the equipment (42%), behind only voice calls (45 %) and, of course, music (69%). Listening to audiobooks and podcasts (33%), canceling noise from work or travel (28%) and complementing mobile games (26%) are actions that follow next.


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