“He was quoting Top Gun while we were…” — Henry Cavill Tells Tom Cruise’s Hilarious Story During The Filming of Mission Impossible


Over the years, Henry Cavill has starred alongside some very iconic actors and actresses in various films and shows. From working with Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam to working on screen with Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes, the actor has participated in a number of stellar projects. However, one of the most unexpected couples on screen was Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise in the movie “Mission Impossible: Consequences” in 2018. And, as always, Cavill had hilarious memories of Cruz during the filming of the film.

Henry Cavill is a star who always has some kind of anecdote that he can tell his fans during public appearances and interviews. Due to the number of films in which the actor starred, it is natural that memory is attached to each of his projects. Similarly, star Enola Holmes once shared a funny story about Tom Cruise when they were filming a scene in Mission Impossible.

Henry Cavill shared a funny story with Tom Cruise

It seems that “The Best Shooter” is one of Tom Cruise’s favorite films that he worked on. I wonder why? Long before that, during an interview with Fandago, Henry Cavill told about a funny incident during the filming of the movie “Mission Impossible: Consequences” with Tom Cruise. When asked about Tom Cruise’s funny moment on set, the British actor recalled the moment when they flew their helicopters after finishing work on the New Zealand part.

Cavill continued: “We were flying in formation and sitting there with headphones on, and Tom started quoting Top Gun.”

Years later, BBC Radio1 film critic Ali Plumb spoke about an interview with Cavill in 2018, asking Cruise about quotes that the actor pulled from Top Gun during the filming of Fallout. Then the actor said that he did not mean any particular dialogue, and began randomly quoting some lines from the film. In the interview, Cruz reviewed some very iconic lines from the film, including “How about I feel the need for speed” and “Talk to me, goose.”

Some time ago, Cavill also spoke about how he felt differently during the filming of “Mission Impossible: Consequences” after working on three Superman films. Interestingly, working on the “Mission Impossible” franchise really put Cavill in front of a challenge. Surprisingly, the British actor even shot most of his deadly battle scenes without computer graphics.

Meanwhile, all the efforts of both actors have paid off. “Mission Impossible: Consequences” became the highest-grossing film of the franchise. According to Movie Web, this action movie earned a huge 787.2 million dollars worldwide.

What are your favorite quotes from Top Gun? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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