He sues McDonald’s for Injury from Chicken Nugget


A man in Palm Beach, Florida, filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s after, according to the complaint, he broke a tooth with a bone while biting into a Chicken McNugget.

Alexei Stolfat, 39, is seeking to have the McNuggets recalled “to avoid massive consumer injuries.” In addition, he is suing for $ 1.1 million, in part, to cover the expenses of his dental injury, according to his lawsuit.

The document, which was filed in federal court on Sept. 14, Today reports, also explains how the incident allegedly occurred.

On May 25, Stolfat and his wife ordered the McDonald’s delivery through Uber Eats. When he started eating, he reportedly felt something hard on the right side of his mouth, followed by an “excruciating jaw pain.” Then a bone about 0.8 inches long was allegedly pulled out of the mouth. For the next several days, according to the court document, he felt a toothache and headache.

On May 29, Stolfat went to a dentist, who allegedly discovered two “microcracks” in his tooth. The documents said that Stolfat does not have dental insurance and could not cover the expenses, and, according to the outlet, it would take him at least six months to replace his tooth.

“I’m not looking to be famous in this case or something like that,” Stolfat stated. “I want to help other people, protect them and tell them to be very careful with the McNuggets.”

In his complaint, he stressed that the McNuggets must not contain any bones, as the McDonald’s website claims they are made from “boneless white chicken.”

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McDonald’s responded to the alleged incident in a statement:

“Providing safe, high-quality food is always our top priority, and both our restaurants and our suppliers follow rigorous quality control standards. We take these statements seriously and are investigating this complaint. ”

Stolfat also stated that he plans to donate most of the amount in the lawsuit to charity, after paying for his dental expenses and mental and emotional problems.


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