He sued Starbucks for burning it with tea.


A California man named Tommy Piluyev filed a lawsuit against Starbucks, accusing them of causing severe burns to various parts of his body, particularly his penis and genitals, following a mistake made by one of its employees.

Tommy purchased two glasses of Honey Citrus Mint tea a few days ago at a Starbucks drive-through in Roseville and accidentally one ended up being spilled on his body.

“When the employee approached the car window to deliver the second cup to Mr. Piluyev, it lost its lid, which should have been sealed on the rim of the cup, spilling the hot tea into the plaintiff’s hand”, is what that reads in the federal complaint filed in Sacramento.

As if that were not enough, when Piluyev took the cup and the water spilled, the container touched the window and tipped over on the hands, stomach and pelvic area. “Covered in boiling tea and unable to open the door to escape because he was near the access window,” the lawsuit adds.

The man quickly pulled his truck out of the drive-through so he could park elsewhere and take off his pants, which ended up completely wet. After feeling discomfort, he went to a hospital and the doctors indicated that he had suffered “partial thickness burns with blisters on the lower left part of the abdomen, thighs, penis, testicles, peritoneum and buttocks.”

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