He stole 90 Bitcoins from the stock exchange he worked for


It was reported that the former employee of ShapeShift, one of the popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, stole $ 900,000 of Bitcoin from the company’s safe, but returned it when the crime was revealed.

It was stated that a former employee of the cryptocurrency trading platform ShapeShift stole 900 thousand dollars of Bitcoin from the platform.

In the allegation made by ShapeShift in the Federal District Court of Colorado on Wednesday, it was stated that an engineer named Azamat Mukhiddinov stole 90 Bitcoins with malicious programs and codes he uploaded to servers. Company officials stated that they found a gap of 900 thousand dollars in the accounts on May 21 and that they reached Mukhiddinov as a result of the follow-up of the transactions.

He paid it back with cash inside his gym bag

According to the information given in the case, Mukhiddinov repaid the money in a short time after his actions were revealed. Mukhiddinov money by section; He paid it back with bitcoin, wire transfer and cash in a duffel bag.

ShapeShift is also asking Mukhiddinov to pay employees for unspecified losses for the time and effort they put in clearing servers from Bitcoin stealing code.

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