He sold his kidney to buy an iPhone, he was bedridden!


A young man sold his kidney to buy an iPhone and an iPad. The young man was bedridden for the rest of his life due to neglect after the surgery and his body was affected. He was condemned to live his life this way in order to buy a technological product.

The young who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone was bedridden!

Wang Shangkun, who lives in one of China’s poorest regions, decided to sell his kidney at the age of 17 to buy an iPhone. As a result of his research on the Internet, he contacted several people to sell his kidney.

The teenager who had an illegal surgery received $ 3,000 in exchange for his kidney. With this money, he bought iPhone 4 and iPad 2, which were popular at the time. Unable to bear the pressure of his family, the young man admitted that he sold his kidney to buy an iPhone and iPad.

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According to the latest information from Unilad’s local sources, Shangkun was bedridden for the rest of his life due to his post-operative neglect and body damage. The healthy kidney in the body of the 26-year-old boy now has become inoperable. It is not known how long the young person has to have dialysis every day.

With this incident coming to light, authorities also launched an investigation. Identifying the people with whom the young person contacted, the police arrested 9 people, including surgeons. While 5 of 9 people were accused of directly selling organs, the court ruled that Shangkun and his family be paid 300 thousand dollars in compensation.

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Shangkun can buy as many latest models of iPhones and iPads as he wants with this compensation, but unfortunately he will have to use it lying down for life.


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