He says it is more important than the murder of the woman.


MEXICO – Collective of feminists have taken over the facilities of the National Human Rights Commission in the capital of the country, where they have made paintings, including paintings of various historical figures such as Francisco I. Madero and Benito Juárez, which caused criticism by part of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and called those acts as vandalism.

Faced with this position, the activists and mothers of victims of femicides, forced disappearances and rapes revoked the statements by the Mexican president.

“These flowers, these painted lips, were painted by my daughter, a girl who was sexually abused at the age of seven,” said Érika Martínez, mother of a minor raped three years ago, referring to the painting by Francisco I. Madero that now It has purple flowers on the coat and carmine color on the lips.

In this way, the mother of the raped minor made reference to the outrage expressed by López Obrador at the paintings in the paintings of historical figures, acts that she called “vandalism.”

“I respect all the demonstrations, but I do not agree with the violence, the vandalism, I do not agree with what they did to the photography, to the painting of Francisco I. Madero,” said López Obrador in his press conference .

“I want to tell that president that since he is outraged by this painting, why is he not outraged when my daughter was abused,” Martinez said.

The woman recalled that her daughter hooded herself at the age of 10, as a way of protest as well.

“Where is this fucking government taking her to demand justice?” She screamed furiously.

In addition to the painting by Francisco I. Madero, the women who have taken over the headquarters of the CNDH intervened the paintings of Benito Juárez, Miguel Hidalgo and José María Morelos.


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