He Reveals Lucifer is Dead and Trapped in a Nightmare


Lucifer has gone through a great cascade of events as he has been forced to fight demons to keep Earth safe once more. The lord of hell has quarantined himself in the underworld to keep demons at bay.

However, fans of the show have theorized that Lucifer has already been in bad shape since the first season. Lucifer has been working against God, and indeed the forces of evil, since his arrival in Los Angeles in season one.

But viewers have now suggested that all this work of fighting evildoers was on his mind. Fans believe that Lucifer may have been trapped in hell the entire time and is living his nightmare in one way or another.

But some fans weren’t convinced that this was what had happened, as they responded that it was a good idea, but it wouldn’t fit into the Lucifer universe, because God still loves Lucifer and tries to save him.

Unfortunately, until the show comes to a full end, fans won’t know if this theory was true at all. Meanwhile, they wait for the second half of the fifth season of Lucifer to end.

Maze star Lesley-Ann Brandt recently spoke about when Lucifer might be coming to Netflix. She said it could arrive at the same time as last year.

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