He paid with QR Core on mobile devices.


Brazilians are increasingly adept at QR Code payments. According to the Panorama Mobile Time / Opinion Box survey, about 48% of people in our country with smartphones and the internet have already carried out a financial transaction with the technology.

The survey indicated an increase from 35% to 48% in the use of payments via QR Code during the last six months. Since March, the country has been affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus, which has stimulated the use of means with less physical contact.

During the same period, payments with approximation also increased. According to the study, the use of NFC to make payments has risen from 23% to 33% in the last six months.

Most common between classes A and B

The use of QR Code and payments via approximation is more common among upper classes, according to the study. In addition, in both cases, iOS stands out as the most used platform in transactions. The Apple system has almost 20% advantage over Android in adopting QR codes.

The survey shows that about 53% of members in classes A and B have already tried payments via QR Code, while the proportion drops to 46% among people in classes C, D and E. The majority of users of the technology are also men (52 %).


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