He paid 26,800 euros for 5,000 euros of bitcoin

bitcoin coins with euros and dollars

At the auction held in France, 0.11 bitcoins with a market value of 5.180 euros found buyers for 26.800 euros. The auction manager had to warn participants several times before the sale was finalized.

France held the first Bitcoin auction yesterday, in which public institutions participated. Bitcoins stolen from the Gatehub stock exchange in 2019 were auctioned at the Kapandji Morhange auction center with the participation of more than 1,600 people.

24 million euros collected

He found 611 Bitcoin buyers in lots of small and large. State Secretary for Public Expenditure Affairs, Olivier Dussopt, told BFM Business at the end of the auction that 24m euros will enter the state coffers.

Some of the lots sold had fractions and some had flat (eg 1 BTC) number of Bitcoins. While the opening price for one full Bitcoin is 23,250 euros, most of them were sold at a price of 40,000 euros. The money collected will be entrusted to Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations until the Gatehub case is concluded.

Paid 26,300 euros for 0.11 Bitcoin

The auction started with the sale of a lot of 0.11 bitcoins with a market value of 5.180 euros. The initial bid for this party was 2.500 euro. The number then increased to 9,000, 14,000 and eventually 23,300 euros.

According to the Les Echos report, the auction manager intervened after the bid went so high and said, “I think I could not speak very frankly while promoting the party. he said and announced that the bids would be taken from the very beginning. For the 0.11 Bitcoin that was put on the market again, 2,800 euros were offered, followed by 8,400, 9,600, 10,200, 11,300, 14,300, 15,800, 25,800, 26,300 and finally 26,800 euros.

The auction manager emphasized that to avoid confusion, they intervened again and sold 0.11 bitcoins, not 1 full Bitcoin. But the offer has already been accepted and the sale is complete.


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