He lost, but the boys’ struggle with gerogasm made Homelander even scarier.


Warning: Contains potential SPOILERS for Boys.

Homelander almost dies fighting Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Huey in the episode “Boys’ Heroism”, but the fact that he is still fighting three powerful superheroes with dignity makes him even scarier. Adapting one of the wildest arches of the source material, The Boys’ Herogasm party surpasses all the hype, but not just because of the nefarious depiction of a super orgy. The party, filled with unexpected twists, obscenities and lots of noisy action, serves as a boiling cauldron for super-mayhem, which sets the stage for the final game of the season. But among all the moments of shock and awe, there is one that catches the eye: the collision of Homelander with doom.

There is so much going on in the 7th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys” called “Gerogasm” that it almost seems like the titular orgy was a ploy to mislead viewers. From A-Train’s redemption to his ultimate downfall, from Huey’s thirst for revenge to Starlight’s fight for justice, the super party becomes a simple backdrop for many revelations and solutions to The Boys’ overarching storylines. However, nothing can be as exciting as three unlikely soups battling a Homelander and giving him a taste of his own medicine for the first time.

The excess of numbers shows the most vulnerable state of the Homelander to the fullest, especially when the Butcher shoots him with a laser, and he nervously mutters: “What did you do?” But, despite all the restrictions, the Homelander copes quite well with clarifying the relationship and again explains why everyone is so afraid of him. Considering that none of the previous episodes of “Boys” revealed the peak potential of the Homelander’s powers, it was hard not to wonder why even some of the most powerful superheroes, such as A-Train, Maeve and Supersonic, bent before his red furious eyes. The battle with Gerogasm removes this doubt, establishing that while his laser-shooting eyes and super-flight are his best abilities, he is no less dangerous when it comes to landing and hitting.

The background of the boy soldier suggests that he has years of combat experience behind him. Similarly, the Butcher has always been a fighter, and even without being fueled by Compound V, he manages to stand his ground in a fist fight against supers like Transparent. Given their thundering experience—and Homelander’s lack of it—it’s surprising that none of them can beat the flag soup alone. Of course, after a triple game with Huey, the Soldier Boy and Yellow-eyed Billy the Butcher, pin the Homelander to the ground and technically defeat him. But their inability to kill him further refutes the idea that the Homelander is not a “cheap fake” Boy Soldier. Instead, he is an “improvement”, which only makes him scarier than he already was.

If an omnipotent supertrio, including literal weapons of mass destruction, could not kill a Homelander, then it is difficult to imagine that it can. Will Billy Butcher surprise Homelander with another “Oops!” moment? Or will Mother’s Milk succumb to the temptation of Compound V and join the team as the missing link? After the battle with the Boys’ Gerogasm, the Homelander must proceed cautiously. However, until someone comes up with an ingenious plan to end his reign forever, he will hold on to his throne as the most terrifying superhero.

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