He loses his cell phone and gets it back later


A man, originally from Malaysia, lost his cell phone. Luckily, he got the device back a short time later, but checking to see if it was in good condition, he found there were new photos. They were selfies taken by a monkey.

As Zackrydz Rodzi explained to local media and UPI reports, he believes that a monkey entered his house while he was sleeping and took his phone outside, where the primate apparently played with the device and, inadvertently, took some photos, selfies and videos.

In fact, one video appears to show the monkey trying to put the phone in his mouth.

“This is something you can see once in a century,” Rodzi tweeted.
It is not the first time that something like this has happened, as we can see in this video:

A woman in Minnesota, who decided to do some yoga in the compound where she works, an animal center in Fairbault, however things did not turn out as she expected.

Mikayla Raines was about to start the routine when she put her cell phone on the ground to record herself. It was at that moment that one of the foxes that they care for appeared in the “SaveAFox Rescue” center, and took the cell phone and then ran away.

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