“He lives his life to honor…”— Blake Lively Prefers Sincere Speech Rather Than Frying Ryan Reynolds at The American Cinematheque Awards 2022.


Currently, the most gorgeous couple ever created is undoubtedly Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Despite the 9-year age difference, the couple has achieved tremendous success in their professional activities, and also created a nutritious family. And for the fact that their marriage was a success, they are both equally grateful to each other.

Although the couple is always laughing and having fun on social media, they take their time to express their feelings to each other. And Blake Lively did just that at the American Cinematheque Awards 2022. Already overwhelmed with boundless love for each other due to their fourth pregnancy, the star has enlisted some wonderful qualities of Ryan Reynolds’ personality that she adores. Read on to find out exactly what she said.

Blake Lively is thrilled with Ryan Reynolds

The very first thing the 35-year-old actress adores about her husband is how he lives a decent life. “He lives his life to honor…,” Blake said. She also added that Reynolds’ family is very valuable to him. Whether it’s Blake herself or their kids, Ryan knows he’ll take care of everyone.

Lively couldn’t stop bragging about some of her husband’s many other qualities. All of this included Ryan’s art, his heart, his philanthropy, his humor, his honesty, and his unmatched work ethic. First of all, it’s his self-deprecating levity, his hard-earned depth and his grace that she traced all the way from Canada.

In the process, she praised his upbringing and thanked Reynolds’ mother for bringing him into this world. Gossip Girl alumni also shared one special quality that makes the 46-year-old actor a better husband and a better father. Quality is also very important to keep him sane, as is his wife.

Blake shared that the “Deadpool” star is too programmed to rush home, no matter how stressful the day. No matter what physical condition he is in, whether it’s fake blood, real blood, prosthetics, superhero cloaks and all that, he always comes home. And we all know that home is never a place, but rather a person, a family to which you return. “I am his home, our girls are his home,” the actress said shortly before the stunning speech ended.

It is reported that this event was dedicated to Ryan Reynolds at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Thursday, November 17. In addition to his stage skills, Blake Lively’s sincere speech made all his fans sing praises to the star.


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