He knew Bitcoin’s many bottoms and summits correctly!


While the overall rise in the crypto market prevails, Bitcoin and Ethereum are moving sideways. The low course of prices caused low volatility to be recorded. However, this consolidation can cause a buy signal in each of the two cryptocurrencies and trigger a new bullish move.

TD Sequential: Bitcoin and Ethereum Can Record a Critical Buy Signal!

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest cryptocurrencies with their market value, have been the most stagnant coins in the market lately. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum look more like a stablecoin with price movements. The horizontal price movement in these two cryptocurrencies has led investors to other cryptocurrencies. For this reason, Chainlink has set a new all-time high and several DeFi tokens have risen hard.

Most of the major cryptocurrencies rose in this process, and even Ripple and Stellar climbed. Only Bitcoin and Ethereum remained outside this positive market movement. However, this could change soon, with the emergence of a “purchase setup” on the daily price chart of two cryptocurrencies. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum are trading horizontally, they have enough momentum to start a purchase setup in USD pairs.

TD Sequential gives extremely accurate signals in crypto money trading

On both the BTC / USD and ETH / USD chart, the TD Sequential indicator points to 9 counts and a purchase setup. However, to verify the purchase setup, today’s candle should be lower than yesterday’s low, and BTC should drop below $ 9,000.

ETH needs to drop to $ 229 to verify Ethereum’s purchase setup. An increase above $ 240 will turn the model green and start the rise. The TD Sequential indicator is known to give very accurate signals in cryptocurrency trading. The indicator accurately informed many famous bottom and summit of Bitcoin. This makes the last signal more important.

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