He burned his $ 150 thousand Mercedes


A YouTuber named Mihail Litvin poured petrol and burned his Mercedes worth about 150 thousand dollars. Even though the moments shared on YouTube were thought to be a show, the reality was very different. The famous YouTuber decided to do something like this when he couldn’t deal with the problems with his vehicle.

Mihail Litvin, one of Russia’s popular internet phenomena, shared a very interesting video last weekend. YouTuber was setting fire to a brand new Mercedes GT 63 S with a value of about 150 thousand dollars in the video in question. You may have thought it was a madness or a show, but the reason the famous name set fire to his vehicle was completely different.

With the money he earns, the phenomenon buys a Mercedes that looks legendary to him. However, interestingly, this vehicle causes all kinds of problems after it is purchased. The phenomenon, which takes the vehicle to the Mercedes authorized service many times, cannot get rid of any problems. Even the authorized service does not want to repair the vehicle after a while. Unable to bear what he lived any longer, Litvin pulled his vehicle into an empty field in Moscow and lighted it up.

Here is the Mercedes GT 63 S that fascinates you before it burns

Litvin has 11 million followers on Instagram and 4 million followers on YouTube. Also, this phenomenon is one of Russia’s top-earning internet celebrities. So we can say that money is not very important for this phenomenon. However, the video that we will share with you shortly will hurt everyone who has a passion for automobiles.

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When we look carefully at the video shot by YouTuber, it can be understood that Litvin is not satisfied with this situation. However, the events that took place seem to have left no other solution to the famous phenomenon. Because when Litvin cannot get a response from the authorized service on the problems he has experienced, he even has to buy and install a suitable turbo kit on eBay. This whole deadlock process brings the final end to the Mercedes GT 63 S.

The final version of the vehicle is as follows

The YouTuber also lights a barbecue before setting his vehicle on fire. On the one hand, Litvin, who eats sausages, on the other hand, is waiting for his vehicle to be ash. The most striking aspect of the video, where there is no speech, is the departure of YouTuber from the field. Litvin leaves the scene and his vehicle by taking an old model Lada while the Mercedes is on fire.

The phenomenon has gone viral with the last video he took. Nowadays, social media platforms are overflowing with the video in which Litvin burned his vehicle. In addition, the video on YouTube has reached 9 million views. However, Mercedes did not make any statements about the process.

Here are the moments when the 150 thousand dollar Mercedes GT 63 S turns to ash


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