“He as a person is something…” — Will Smith Changed The Life of This Antiguan Tuk-Tuk Forever, and Rene Antonio Has Something to Say About It


Having your own business and making good money from it is one of the most pleasant sensations. However, what if he changes forever after the intervention of a celebrity? Well, this is the story of a tuk-tuk driver named Rene Antonio Castillo, whose life changed when a celebrity named Will Smith intervened in his business for a documentary he was filming. Let’s figure out if it was good or not.

Rene Antonio Castillo has been living in Antigua for 15 years. He helped unnumbered tourists on a tour on his tuk-tuk. The man bought his car on credit, which he returned with honest labor. With gratitude, he lived very happily with his family until the production team called him. Since then, his life has changed.

How did Will Smith change the life of an ordinary person?

Originally from India, tuc tuc was first used by a supermarket owner in Antigua. Rene is another person who uses a vehicle to make a living. One day, producers called him and asked him to hire Tuc Tuc to shoot a documentary, according to Republica. They told Rene that he would be working with a celebrity. When the deal was confirmed, he told his family about it out of excitement, and they thought they would run into Ricardo Arhona. However, just 10 minutes before the start of filming, he found out that he was going to shoot with Will Smith.

In such a situation, it was difficult for him to remain calm, since he was going to work with an Oscar-winning actor. Well, describing the actor, Rene said: “He’s like a person — something incredible, a very good person.” He also added that Smith was modest and always made everyone laugh. Smith inspired and boosted his confidence. After this intervention of the “Aladdin” actor, Rene received a lot of messages and calls saying that he was famous. The people around him made him feel loved and happy.

In fact, Smith also posted a clip on his Instagram, which made Rene a little more famous. Thanks to the video, his business gained more recognition, and since then his life has changed. He said the video opened doors for him. Getting to know Antigua at Will Smith’s tuc tuc is a joint project of Naranja Media and República. The documentary tells about the streets of Antigua.

What do you think about it? How would you react if something like this happened to you? Share your opinion with us below.


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