HDR10 + Projector Samsung Premiere Announced


Samsung announced Premiere, its new close range projector, the world’s first three laser HDR10 + projectors. Samsung Premiere offers an alternative display technology solution to QLED TVs.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has announced Samsung Premiere, the newest member of its Lifestyle product line, the short throw projector. Premiere, which is a high-end product with 4K resolution as an alternative to QLED TVs, promises to bring the pleasure of cinema to your home with both sound and image technology.

Defined as “ultra short throw projector”, Samsung Premiere promises the highest level of image quality whether the images are projected on the wall or screen. Moreover, thanks to the built-in Acoustic Beam virtual surround sound technology, which is also found in some of Samsung’s home theater systems, high-level sound output can be achieved directly from the projector.

It is stated that Samsung Premiere will offer high image quality that can compete with QLED TVs.

According to Samsung’s statement, Premiere will be released with two different models. LSP9T, which will be the world’s first triple laser HDR10 + projector, promises to offer a 130-inch image with a brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens and 4K resolution. The LSP7T sub-model can offer a 120-inch display, but Samsung has not shared any information about the display technology of this device.

Although Samsung Premiere is a projector at its core, it will make no difference in terms of usage experience compared to a smart TV. Because, according to Samsung’s statement, all applications and services in Samsung smart TVs can be used in Premiere. Although Samsung does not reveal Premiere’s price and release date, Premiere, like the company’s other Lifestyle products, is not expected to be affordable.


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