HDC2020: Huawei to offer Harmony OS 2.0 in September


Chinese Huawei officially confirmed yesterday on its Twitter account the holding of the annual event for developers, the HDC2020, which aims to reveal news that the company has been developing in its ecosystem, which includes the operating system Harmony OS and also the HMS.

In the publication, the most evident information is due to the period of realization, being confirmed that it will occur between the 10th and 12th of September of this year, and should possibly be carried out remotely, over the internet due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19 ).

Held in Songshan Lake (China), the event should bring news related to EMUI 11 (based on Android 11), new kits for the development of HMS Core 5.0, news related to Artificial Intelligence, 5G solutions and more.

However, the main highlight may be due to the Harmony OS operating system, which can gain reinforcement in the application, gaining not only space between the brand’s TVs (something that already happens) but also in wearable devices, cars and PC.

The suspicion regarding the application of Harmony OS on PCs is not new, let alone unfounded. It is worth remembering that, due to the problems with the embargoes imposed by the US government, the company has been increasingly seeking to reduce the dependence on companies based in the United States, which includes not only Google but Microsoft.

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In this sense, images revealed on the Weibo social network suggest that new features can be seen for PCs, including the shortcuts Ctrl + F and Ctrl + Shift + N on a PC keyboard normally used for searching and opening anonymous tabs in browsers.

For now, it is not known exactly what Huawei’s next steps will be with regards to Harmony OS, but it is expected that we will see more information emerge by the end of the conference for the company’s developers, where it should effectively be demonstrated to its users. partners and the general public.


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