HBO’s New Crime Documentary I’ll Be Gone in the Dark Trailer Released


The trailer of the crime documentary I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, adapted from HBO’s book by the same name by Michelle McNamara, has been released. I ‘ll Be Gone in the Dark’ is the subject of an investigation by writer McNamara up to the obsessive dimensions, in the 1970s and 80s, following a serial killer in California.

In the California state of the USA in the 1970s and 80s, a serial killer called the East Area Rapist and then the Golden State Murderer caused a great fear to spread in the state.

The serial killer, known as the Golden State Killer, is thought to be responsible for 12 murders, 45 rapes and more than 120 robberies between 1976 and 1986. Despite the broad crime report, the Golden State Murderer was never caught.

Golden State Killer caught Michelle McNamara’s attention
After the crimes of the Golden State Killer remained unpunished, blogger Michelle McNamara and her husband Patton Oswalt started researching the serial killer. McNamara has been researching serial killer for a long time and examined criminal files.

McNamara’s research about the Golden State Killer has become an obsession for the author over time. McNamara even made a book deal with Los Angeles Magazine as a result of his long work on serial killer.

The serial killer’s absence and ongoing work began to literally consume McNamara. The crime writer, who started to have psychologically difficult times in time, became addicted to prescription drugs in this process. After a long period of addiction, Michelle McNamara died in her sleep due to overdose medication in 2016 before she could finish her book on the Golden State Killer.

His books were completed by others after McNamara’s death
After the death of Michelle McNamara, the author’s wife Patton Oswald, investigative journalist Billy Jensen and crime writer Paul Haynes made McNamara’s book finished. Completed after the death of McNamara, the book found itself at the top of the bestseller list shortly after its publication.

The book, which was published under the name I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, was among the bestseller, causing the Golden State Killer file to be investigated again. In the investigation using the evidence in the book, ex-police officer Joseph James DeAngelo was caught suspect and arrested.

HBO is preparing to make the documentary, which is prepared with the same name as Michelle McNamara’s book, next month. In the documentary, which will be 6 episodes, the story of the crime blog writer Michelle McNamara, who does not fall from the collar of the serial killer, will also appear before the audience.

Amy Ryan, who starred in the documentary, describes I’ll Be Gone in the Dark as a detective story based on original documents and records. The documentary uses extensive archival documents and police files, as well as interviews to reveal a picture of a complex and error-prone investigation.

The HBO adaptation of the book I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, which was received with great interest in the USA, will be released on June 28. It is expected that the adaptation of the book, which has made a big noise, will be received by people.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark trailer


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