HBO Now solves bureaucracies to keep on Fire TV


Warner Media reached an agreement to ensure the continuity of HBO Now on Amazon’s platform, Fire TV.

While still negotiating the premiere of an application for HBO Max, Warner found itself in a difficult situation in the last few days, since the availability of HBO Now on Fire TV platforms would end tomorrow (31). Users of the service even received emails with the information since a renewal seemed unlikely, but it was achieved at the last minute.

Thus, Fire TV devices will continue to have access to the platform for some time. That’s because as soon as Warner manages to approve HBO Max in the Amazon ecosystem, HBO Now should no longer be a priority, suggesting migration to current customers.

The details behind the deal involving the companies are not known, but HBO Now is tentatively called just HBO. Just another confusion of names for a Warner Media application portfolio that already has so many similar nomenclatures.

A discussion that the episode brings is about how this segment of the market, which seemed to be on the way to democratization with so many offers available, found itself going through a new process of bureaucratization with the need for agreements and more agreements for many to reach the ecosystem. of Jeff Bezos products. Disney Plus went through the same procedure. While the availability on the App Store and Play Store seems a little less complicated, those who use a Fire TV device end up being held hostage by the delay.

Remember, just in July, YouTube Kids won a version for Fire TV Stick.

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Regarding HBO Max, Warner Media has already positioned itself on the expansion of the service to Latin America, a territory that it considers essential for its growth. Dates for this, however, have not been released.


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