HBO Max: Users Complain About Canceled Subscription and Lost Promotion


HBO Max users used social media this week to complain that their subscriptions were canceled, causing them to forfeit the promotional streaming price.

The platform officially arrived in Brazil on June 29th. In addition to all Warner Media movies, documentaries, series and animations, including Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, truTV, DC, New Line, Adult Swin and HBO itself, the service has sports broadcasts such as the Champions League and the Brazilian Championship.

Among the attractions offered by the service are Gossip Girl, Justice League, Scooby-Doo, Clockwork Orange, Mad Max, Friends, Sex and The City, Matrix, Game of Thrones, Two and a Half Man, The Big Bang Theory, Casablanca , Rick and Morty, True Detective and Harry Potter (the complete saga).

As soon as it officially arrived in Brazil, the platform announced a 50% discount for those who signed up until July 31, last week. Those who took advantage of the promotion are paying, monthly, R$9.95 (instead of R$19.90) in the mobile plan and R$13.95 (instead of R$27.90) in the multiscreen plan.

Complaints about subscription

After the period ended with the special prices, many people used social networks to complain that they had their plans canceled and that they will now have to pay full price if they want to access the service again.

Subscribers said, among other things, that they had problems with the credit card company or that it was simply HBO Max’s fault, which would have carried out the cancellation without any kind of consultation.

Check out some of the testimonials registered on Twitter below.


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