HBO Max: Streaming Will Compete With Other Services, Says Director


HBO and HBO Max Content Director Casey Bloys commented on WarnerMedia’s efforts to establish itself as an audience-friendly platform and compete in the streaming war. The information released by The Hollywood Reporter was shared during an event last Tuesday (29) at the company’s headquarters, the place of decision-making on all divisions of the giant company.

With regard to the necessary investment in the original content budget, the executive highlighted that “we have enough money” to invest in movies and series. “We have what it takes to do the programming we need to do, but there will always be a debate about the right amount of content and therefore how much money to put in.”

“We would have these debates with HBO within the then Time Warner [former nomenclature of the media conglomerate]: how much does the broadcaster need? Do we have enough? What is the proper amount of programming to gain subscribers? I don’t know and I’m not sure if anyone has the correct answer, as part of it will always be trial and error,” he added.

He pointed out the planning of a new international expansion and compared the launch of exclusive productions, such as regional titles and Max Originals, with content aimed at cable TV services and streaming – which arrived in Brazil yesterday.

“I think HBO Max is like our own cable TV and within that package there are programming services. HBO is there, as well as DC shows and other attractions in the catalog.”

“[There is] a demographic distinction that we use as a guide to make sense of what works for a particular group,” he added.

HBO Max: series and movies are highlights

Regarding the series, the executive commented that there will not be a standard format for developers to follow, such as a limited series or a series of several seasons, but that it is important to find a balance in the release of each type. “The good thing about an ongoing show is that we don’t have to introduce it to viewers every year, as it already has a solid fan base.” “Already with a limited series, there’s a tendency to get actors [from the top Hollywood roster] who don’t want to be ‘stuck’ on it for five years [for example].”


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