HBO Max: Streaming Service Will Have App for PS4 and PS5


HBO Max revealed that the streaming service will have apps for several devices, among them will be available on PS4 and PS5 consoles. Its debut in Brazil gained further details during a platform launch event in Latin America and the Caribbean, which will arrive on June 29th.

The idea is to look for a variety of ways to offer the entire catalog, making it accessible and attractive to the greatest number of people. According to information shared during the presentation, the creation of the app on various devices — such as cell phones, tablets and TVs — will bring optimized image quality for different types of screens and was designed to meet the demand of the public.

Thus, the initiative — with the slogan “HBO Max. To the maximum” — is shown as part of the strategy of providing content to the greatest number of consumers, through partnerships with distributors. Therefore, the intention is to bring the best entertainment to everyone, with an intuitive experience, with a pleasant visual and adapted to the variety of formats, plans, prices and characteristics (features).

Such planning will be reflected in the amount of films, series and other exclusive productions in streaming — a number that exceeds more than 15 thousand hours of content. In addition, HBO Max revealed that it is in negotiations to close deals with local producers, with the aim of bringing unique stories to the region.

Another point revealed at the event was that the Warner Bros. films. will hit the catalog 35 days after opening in theaters. The platform will make available as a tasting some episodes of series, which a person can watch without the need for a subscription — which will also be offered 7 days free, with no cancellation costs during this period.