HBO Max: Streaming Name Does Not Please Executives And Can Be Changed


The HBO Max streaming platform is already well established in the market with a varied collection and upcoming catalog debuts of upcoming theater releases, but some of WarnerMedia’s veterans are still bothered by one issue: the name of the service.

According to a CNBC report, several company executives — including current CEO Jason Kilar — were not satisfied with the choice of “HBO Max” to represent the platform. The group believes it doesn’t represent all of WarnerMedia’s programming and makes it look like just a version of the HBO channel itself, leaving out several other strong names in terms of content.

The problem? The CEO of AT&T, which then owned the company, and WarnerMedia President Bob Greenblatt liked the name to actually give that role to HBO, although they recognize that the catalog goes far beyond that. In Brazil, for example, platform tabs include Cartoon Network, DC, Warner Bros. and originals from HBO Max, as well as films, series and documentaries from other producers.

Change of air

Also according to CNBC, WarnerMedia’s current corporate change could be another opportunity for the name change to return to a meeting topic.

That’s because the company and Discovery announced a merger in May 2021 that involved AT&T’s exit from majority shareholder. In 2022, CEO David Zaslav will also have control of WarnerMedia, which includes a decision-making power to make the name change.

The report speculates that, even if the Discovery Plus platform does not integrate the HBO Max package in the near future, the change would be almost inevitable for the first half of 2022. Sought, official representatives of the brand did not comment on the matter.


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