HBO Max Launches Group Watch Tool for Snapchat Users


HBO Max has just teamed up with Snapchat to show full episodes of their series on group watch within the platform. With the feature, dubbed HBO Max Minis, users will be able to broadcast selected series pilots to up to 63 other Snapchatters. The content, announced on July 20, is offered by Minis — a service that allows you to live new experiences inside the app — launched last year.

Minis hosts third-party app experiences within Snapchat. It allows users to do anything from meditating with Headspace to buying movie tickets. With the new partnership, HBO Max Minis will allow any Snapchat user to watch full episodes of more than a dozen of the streaming service’s series for free, including pilots from Lovecraft Country and Game of Thrones.

The app performs synchronized playback, so all users who watch the title can stream the same content together. You will be able to access HBO Max episodes by searching or clicking the rocket icon in the chat.

Which series will be on HBO Max Mini?

When HBO Max Mini is released, users will need to verify their birth date, which will filter which episodes can be broadcast. The full list of episodes is as follows:

Betty (season 2, episode 1)
The Flight Attendant
game of Thrones
Gossip Girl (2021)
Looney Tunes
love life
lovecraft country
Selena + Chef
World of Calm

Up to 64 users can join an HBO Max Mini session using a shared link in chat or via a shared sticker — and users will be able to chat and send reactions while streaming. Pilot episodes of the series will be streamed for free even to non-subscribers of HBO Max.