HBO Max Is Expected To Release At Least Ten Original Films In 2022


HBO Max: According to what Jason Kilar, CEO of WarnerMedia, recently announced, streaming HBO Max plans to produce and release at least ten original movies by 2022. The information was shared during a conference related to second-quarter earnings for AT&T, the owner of WarnerMedia.

In addition to the practical work of the features, the plan also provides for the films to be released in theaters around the world so that viewers have other viewing windows available before reaching the platform. “Clearly, cinema matters and will continue to matter,” Kilar pointed out.

“They are also very important in the homes of consumers, especially because of the response we received as a result,” he said. The executive also believes that the film industry will continue to heat up, despite the coronavirus pandemic, innovating and evolving in its ways of narrating , in addition to being available in other distribution formats.

“These issues will continue to resonate not just with the public, but also with our business partners,” he argued.

Despite WarnerMedia CEO’s optimism, additional details about these new productions have yet to be released. However, since last year, HBO Max has been adopting a release model that includes the debut of several movies in theaters, which, soon after, arrive in streaming.

HBO Max: Learn more about producing original films on the platform

Also during the meeting with other AT&T executives, Jason Kilar again highlighted the current business model that WarnerMedia has adopted with its films. The company’s CEO praised the revenue that Godzilla vs. Kong generated after its worldwide launch — reaching $463.2 million (about R$2.4 billion). The feature was available on HBO Max recently.

In this way, Kilar believes that this is a good example to be followed by WarnerMedia in the future, mainly because of the profits that are obtained from it. The expectation is that the new sequel to Evil Dead Rise, for example, will be released by streaming next year in this same format.

Let’s wait for more news!


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