HBO MAX announces ad supported subscription package


The US-based digital broadcast platform has announced that HBO Max is working on a new subscription package. The content network, which serves $ 14.99 per month, will soon be opposed to users with a more reasonable offer.

According to the latest reports, HBO Max said to reach approximately 20 million subscribers has an imaginary such as reaching 150 million people by 2025. But it is very difficult to perform this imaginary in such high prices. The company that realizes this is now to go after the alternative ways.

HBO MAX comes with a new package affordable

Currently only in some US and restricted areas HBO Max will be opened to the world soon. The platform who wants to open to 60 new countries this year will determine special pricing for each country. Otherwise, it seems clear that the service that is the most expensive broadcast service in its field cannot show success in global.

The company who cares about feedback from users explained that soon will be opposed to their subscribers with a cheaper package. The platform to prepare an ad-supported package, it will be suitable for access from much more appropriate figures. Of course, the package of the ad will be found in some disadvantages. The first of these users will be not able to access the Warner Bros movies in the first day to HBO Max Premiers … But the content will be able to be seen by the users in the low package after a day in the publication.


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