HBO Finalizes the Future of Westworld’s Fourth Season


HBO approved the fourth season of Westworld, one of its most watched productions. Also, according to some rumors, the series will continue for a total of 6 seasons.

The approval news of the fourth season of HBO’s famous science fiction series Westworld appeared as double good news. A new piece of news about the series shows that Westworld will take six seasons in total.

The approval announcement of the fourth season was made by HBO on April 22, a few days before the episode of the series before the season finale. After the fourth season announcement of HBO, The Hollywood Reporter announced that the series will last six seasons in total.

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan will continue with Westworld
The creators of the Westworld series, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, will continue to be behind the series in the fourth season of Westworld. The two have an agreement with Amazon for multiple projects. Also, the news shows that Joy and Nolan will take place in the remaining three seasons of Wesworld.

“We enjoyed everything from the western theme park to the technocratic metropole of the near future, and we traveled in the minds of master storytellers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy,” said Casey Bloys, one of HBO’s executives. “We can’t wait to see where his inspiring visions take us,” Bloys continued in his statement.

Westworld continues to be among HBO’s most popular series
The first season of Westworld, based on the same-name movie written and directed by Michael Crichton in 1973, was HBO’s most watched original series. However, in the third season, the overall number of impressions started to decrease. Despite the drop in the number of spectators, Westworld continues to be among the most popular productions of HBO.

In the first two seasons of the series, we watched the robots of the theme park develop sensitivity and rebellion. In the third season, we watch the robots’ escape from the theme park and their efforts to find a place in the human world.

The approval of Westworld new seasons delighted the fans of the series. However, the two seasons between the seasons of the series are published, creating an uncertainty about when the fourth season will be broadcast.


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