Hayman Capital Bitcoin, Gold and Silver “Can Fly!”


Famous investor Kyle Bass Bitcoin made a new statement regarding gold and silver prices and said that each of them could rise.

Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, recently shared a new post from his Twitter account. In this tweet, Bass commented on the macroeconomic developments and evaluated their effects on the markets, and made a comment that would especially please Bitcoin, gold and silver investors.

Expected Increase in Prices

Countries like the US have injected trillions of dollars into their economies to fight the Coronavirus over the past few months. How exactly this development in the world economy will affect the markets will be clear in time.

Famous investor Kyle Bass thinks that these developments will have a positive impact on the prices of assets such as BTC, gold and silver. In fact, their prices will go to flight in the near future. His sharing from his social media account is as follows:

“Recently, a huge amount of money has been printed worldwide, and Bitcoin, gold and silver seem to be ready to fly soon.”

While Kyle Bass shared this post, he also shared a 10-year silver chart. We can share the graphic he shared from his Twitter account as follows:

He knew before

We talked about Kyle Bass being the founder of Hayman Capital Management. Under the management of this hedge fund, which was established in 2005, there was an asset of $ 33 million at the initial stage. However, Hayman Capital Management took steps in this direction by predicting the real estate crisis in 2008 and achieved great success in a short time.

Bass predicted this crisis in 2008 a year ago and started to take positions against this crisis with his investors. Thanks to this move, he made gains of up to 200 percent for most investors.


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