Hayden Panettieri herself called on the Scream team to bring Kirby back: “I really wanted to be in this”


Repetition of the role beloved by fans! Hayden Panettieri will appear in Scream 6 as Kirby Reed, returning to the franchise after first appearing in the fourth installment in 2011.

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“I called them myself and asked: “So you guys don’t happen to want Kirby back, do you?” the 32—year-old Panettieri said during an appearance on Wednesday, July 6, on the Good Morning program. America. “I really wanted to participate in this,” the graduate of “Heroes” added about her decision to contact the crew of “Scream” directly.

Panettiere, who did not appear in “Scream 5,” will be joined by Courteney Cox, who has appeared in all five “Ghost Face” films. “I’m not dead, so yes, you’ll see me,” Cox, 58, told Variety in June. “Gale is pretty strong. She may never [die], but who knows!” she said of her character Gail Weathers.

Neve Campbell, a colleague on the TV series “Friends”, Scream OG, will not return. “Unfortunately, I won’t be doing the next Scream movie,” Campbell, 48, said in a statement to Us Weekly in June. “As a woman, I’ve had to work very hard in my career to assert my worth, especially when it comes to ‘Screaming.’ I felt that the offer that was presented to me did not match the value that I brought to the franchise.”

Panettieri returns to the franchise after several years of absence from show business. The “Remember the Titans” actress recently spoke about her struggle with alcoholism and postpartum depression. She told “Good Morning America” that when it got tough, she turned to the “bottom of the bottle” for comfort.

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“I had no negative feelings for the child. I just knew that I had a deep depression, and I didn’t know where alcoholism ends and the postpartum period begins, and I pretty much beat myself up,” Panettieri shared.

The New York native continued: “I felt like I was walking blind and there was no one there who could really support me the way I needed to, and I don’t like asking for help either. You know, I want to be that strong stoic woman. …When you see a carefree long-term girl suddenly lying on the floor in a puddle of trash and alcohol, know that something is wrong.”

Panettieri, who said she was “grateful that I’m sober today,” shares 7-year-old daughter Kaya with her ex Wladimir Klitschko. Both Kaya and Klitschko, 46, currently live in Ukraine.

“Watching how she handled this whole Ukrainian situation really shocked me,” “I Love You” star Beth Cooper told “Good Morning America” about her daughter. Panettieri, who founded Hoplon International to provide assistance directly to Ukrainians on the frontline, said Kaye is “completely safe” with her father.

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The graduate of Guiding Light added about her daughter: “She is my favorite little person.”