Hayden Panettieri Cut Out Friends Who Don’t Like Boyfriend Brian Hickerson: she “became secretive”


Hayden says people can learn from their mistakes,” a source says of the 32—year-old Nashville graduate. “She swears that Brian has changed for the better since he was in prison, and anger management courses have taught him to control his temperament.”

The 30-year-old South Carolina native got into a fight with other visitors at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 24. The couple were having dinner at the hotel restaurant when Hickerson “made a remark to one person about leaving the waitress unattended. bad advice,” Panettieri’s representative told us in a statement a day later. “The same person, along with the group he was with, started molesting and pushing Brian, after which the security service pushed everyone outside.”

The former “Heroes” star was apparently knocked down after trying to break up the fight, but her rep said she was not injured during the incident.

“Hayden was screaming and shouting at the band. Regardless of who started it, it doesn’t look very good,” the first source tells us. “She has her own problems and insecurities, and she and Brian make a bad combination.”

The insider claims that the “Scream 4” actress excluded friends and peers from her life, “who are opposed to Brian.” “She became secretive with other friends,” the source adds. “She answers for a long time and sends monosyllabic answers with text and cryptic messages.”

The Lip Sync Battle alum and Hickerson have experienced their share of ups and downs since they started dating in August 2018 following her breakup with ex-fiance Wladimir Klitschko. The New York native and former boxer, 46, have a daughter together, Kaye, 7.

In November 2018, police responded to a call about an “assault in the family” following an alleged altercation between Hickerson and his father in South Carolina. Six months later, Hickerson was arrested for domestic violence after police found Panettieri to have “redness and marks” following an alleged altercation between the couple.

Hickerson was later charged with serious domestic violence, and a protective court order requested by the prosecutor prohibited him from approaching Panettiere within 100 yards or contacting her by phone, email or through a third party. However, in September 2019, the charges against him were dropped.

The actor was arrested for the second time in July 2020 after allegedly hitting the “Snow Princess” star in the face. He was charged with eight counts of domestic violence and assault. Nine months later, he did not contest two counts of committing a criminal offense related to harming his spouse or girlfriend, and the remaining six counts against him were dismissed. He served 33 days in prison, and was also sentenced to four years probation and had to pay a fine of $ 500.

After Hickerson’s second arrest, Panettieri told us she wanted to help others learn to avoid abusive partners. “I’m telling the truth about what happened to me in the hope that my story will give others in abusive relationships the opportunity to get the help they need and deserve,” she said at the time. “I am ready to do my part to ensure that this person never harms anyone again. I am grateful for my support system, which helped me find the courage to regain my voice and life.”