Hawkgirl is an unexpected secret weapon of the Justice Society


Of all the members of the Justice Society, the hero Hawk Girl may be their most powerful asset. In the preview for DC: Mech #1, the high-flying warrior proves that her unique combination of skills and weapons makes her the team’s best defense.

As the forerunners of the modern superhero team in the DC universe, the Justice Society of America had several incredibly powerful members during its heyday. Thanks to heroes like Alan Scott’s magic-based Green Lantern or Flash Jay Garrick from the Golden Age, JSA has protected the world from the threats of the early 20th century. The two famous participants were the Hawk Man and the Hawk Woman (also known as the Hawk Girl). Despite their incredibly complicated history with reincarnation, one thing that has always remained true about both heroes is their dedication to each other and their impressive fighting skills.

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Unfortunately, both of these traits manifested themselves at the most inopportune moment for the Justice Society. In the preview of DC: Mech #1 by Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas, the superhero team celebrates victory in World War II. However, the party does not last long, as a disaster occurs right in the center of Metropolis. A building-sized parademon attacks, putting the Justice Society of America into combat mode. Despite the valiant efforts of the heroes of Dr. Faith, Johnny Thunder and the Sandman, they die from the overwhelming power of the apokoliptic invader. Even the Hawkman falls against a giant enemy, saving his beloved Shiera before evaporating. Hawkgirl leads the new charge with the remaining members of the Society. While Green Lantern and Flash try to distract Parademon, Wildcat goes all-in, striking a blow reinforced by Starman. But what almost sealed their victory was “a blow from the upper layers of the atmosphere with a mace of the nth metal.”

Although it seems that the JSA’s efforts are not enough to stop Darkseid’s act of war, Hawkgirl deals impressive damage to the oversized parademon. Given that the nth metal is one of the most mysterious and powerful elements in the DC universe, it is clear that Hawkgirl can gain an advantage over Apokolips weapons. In addition to this experience of struggle that Shiera has accumulated in past lives, it becomes clear why the Eagle can give Society an advantage.

There are few slouches in the Justice Society of America. Regardless of whether they bring magic, alien power, or good old-fashioned fist fighting, each participant has something to offer. And, owning the nth metal, the Hawk Girl becomes one of the few heroes capable of dealing critical blows to otherworldly forces. In addition, at various periods of history, Hawkgirl was a Tanagarian, one of the best warrior races of the DCU. Hawkgirl is the best combination of strength and skills that gives the JSA a trump card when they face a threat that is worse than their combined might. Even if the entire Justice Society falls, it won’t change the fact that the Hawk Girl is their best and last line of defense.


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