Hawkeye: Michel Teló Appears Dressed As A Superhero In A Video


Hawkeye: What would happen if the whole story of Avengers, the group of superheroes from Marvel, happened in Brazil? With the release of Hawkeye on Disney+, many fans are comparing Jeremy Renner’s character to Michel Teló, a country singer who became known for the hit “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”.

And to make the situation even better, he brought the public’s imagination to life! During a break at The Voice, a Globo program in which Teló participates as a judge, he made an appearance to clear up doubts: after all, does Teló look like Hawkeye or not?

Michel Teló: the Brazilian Hawkeye

With the large amount of comments made on social networks pointing to the similarity between the two, Disney+ did not miss the opportunity to invite the singer for this experience. He even makes fun of the title he received on the internet: Michel Teló de arrow.

In the video, which was shown on TV and published in full on Teló’s Instagram profile, he appears reproducing some moments of the MCU hero in his solo series. There is a lot of preparation for the situations to be similar and for the audience to be able to see, in fact, the proximity that exists between the two.

The dialogues reproduced are simple, but things take a new level when the singer appears dressed in an outfit similar to Gavião Arqueiro, in addition to using the character’s iconic bow.

Finally, he also takes the opportunity to make that invitation for everyone to marathon the new MCU series that has his “look-alike”, Jeremy Renner, as the protagonist.

Doing what he knows best, Michel Teló didn’t miss the opportunity to sing a simple “Ouch, if I shoot you, oh, oh…”, showing how the super hero would be if he were Brazilian and interpreted by him.