Hawkeye: Fans Play With A Fun Reference To Thanos In The Series


Hawkeye: Marvel fans have already been able to follow the latest MCU series from 2021. Gavião Arqueiro arrives to close the studio’s productions this year, while offering Jeremy Renner the opportunity to be the protagonist of a story in this universe after 10 years — the actor made his debut in 2011, in Thor’s first film.

Among so many references that Gavião Arqueiro brought, one of the most commented on by fans on social media shows the hero with a mug with the phrase: “Thanos was right” (Thanos Was Right, in the original). This same phrase can be seen in a bathroom, at the beginning of the series, written on a sink. Now fans on social media are asking, “why would he have that mug”?

Check it out below:

The reference to Thanos may have caused so many fan reactions for the way the hero’s life has changed in these 10 years. During this period, a lot happened, causing Clint Barton/Gavião Arqueiro to go through several changes. One of them happened during the darkest phase of the MCU, which was dubbed the Blip, when Thanos eliminated half of life in the universe. While Clint remained alive, the Mad Titan’s crack took his family away, prompting him to turn away from the Avengers and decide to take “justice into his own hands.”

The first two episodes of Gavião Arqueiro are now available on Dinsey+. The others will be added weekly, until December 22nd.

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