Hawkeye: Directors Comment On The Origin Of Echo’s Powers


Hawkeye: In the third episode, the series Hawkeye revealed the origins of a new character: Echo. Just like in the comics, Maya Lopez is deaf, and that’s what defines her superpowers. During an interview with TV Line, directors Bert and Bertie commented on how a disability turned out to be a skill for the character.

“That’s your superpower,” commented the filmmakers. “Everything she’s learned in life comes from what we see as a disability…but that’s the reason she rocks.”

Another important detail is that Alaqua Cox, the actress responsible for playing Maya Lopez in the series, has a prosthesis in place of her right leg (she is also deaf) and the directors decided to use this in the character as well.

“It was like, ‘Oh, this can really enhance [Maya’s] superhuman nature,”‘ said Bert and Bertie. “She is a hero. Alaqua is a real-life hero, and what she has overcome in her life is really reflected in Maya’s story.”


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During a flashback, young Maya sees her father, then the leader of the Costume Mafia, killed by the Ronin. This spurred her to take her father’s place and get revenge. Something that almost happened when Kate Bishop appears wearing Ronin’s uniform. “It all became a matter of revenge for her father’s death,” the principals continued.

“She spent her life driven by that moment when she lost him. The version of Maya that we saw was born out of the loss of her father, and she reacts to things very emotionally,” they added.

Maya Lopez follows in Hawkeye until the final episode. Marvel has also confirmed a series focused on the character, which has no release date yet, but which will come exclusively to Disney+.