Hawkeye and Avengers Initiative announced


Square Enix released several details of the beta phase of Marvel’s Avengers this Wednesday afternoon (29), in addition to announcing that four heroes will arrive through the “Avengers Initiative”; the first to join the cast is Gavião Arqueiro, in a completely free expansion. Check out the character teaser:

The Marvel’s Avengers beta will include 20 missions and will also have options in multiplayer mode. The characters available to play during the testing phase will be Iron Man, Kamala Khan, Black Widow and Hulk.

The campaign’s first mission will be on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, when the game’s story begins and Captain America is reportedly killed, driving the group of heroes into a crisis.

Each hero will also have his range of missions, called Hero Missions, which will tell the main story of the campaign from the perspective of each character.

Warzone mode will be the multiplayer of the beta phase and consists of teams with 4 players in online mode or just the player and 3 heroes controlled by the game’s AI. This mode encompasses several dynamics and scenarios, both open and closed, and can be between ten minutes and two hours in length.

The first testing date will be on PS4 and will be available on August 7 only for those who pre-purchase the title on the platform.

After this initial period, the closed beta will arrive on Xbox One and PC on August 14 – also for those who pre-ordered. The open beta will be available free of charge for all platforms on August 21st.

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Marvel’s Avengers will be released on September 4 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia and PC. Stay tuned on Voxel for more information!


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