Hawkeye: 5th Episode Will ‘Explode Twitter’, Directors Say


Hawkeye: is the fourth series of the MCU, but it could become one of the most important. That’s because there are some rumors to suggest that the production may be the first to bring a character who has been on the Netflix series into the universe being introduced by Marvel.

It has been said for some time that Vincent D’Onofrio’s King of Crime could appear at some point. Now, the rumors are gaining traction, with directors Bert and Bertie claiming that the fifth episode will “blow Twitter”. During an interview with Screen Rant, they didn’t give many details, but assured fans: “You won’t be disappointed.”

“I don’t think we can be specific,” Bertie commented. “But we can say that you never know where the series is going, whether with characters, or discoveries, but also with tone. You may be settling into a certain tone and suddenly you are in a very different tone. So that’s one of the things we found so exciting about the show.”

It’s worth noting that the episode airs the same week as Spider-Man: No Return Home, and fans speculate that Charlie Cox may make his MCU debut as Matt Murdock in the movie. Kevin Feige recently commented that should he decide to use Daredevil in the future, he would choose Cox for the role.

Hawkeye is the first MCU series to have more than one person in the direction. While Rhys Thomas (Saturday Night Live) was responsible for the first two episodes — which were released on the same day — and for the last, Bert and Bertie ran episodes 3, 4 and 5.

The series is available on Disney+, with new episodes being released weekly.