Hawk and Winter Soldier: teaser shows others from villains


Remember in the last trailer when Sam (Anthony Mackie) makes fun of Bucky (Sebastian Stan) for being beaten by a little girl? In the new teaser for Falcão and the Winter Soldier, the duo talks more about the strength of the villains. Check out:

Despite the many rumors circulating about who will be the villains of the series, what we can say is that the Falcon and the Winter Soldier will fight against a masked group. Among them, a figure is very present in the trailers and teasers, the actress Erin Kellyman, whose name of the character we do not know yet.

What does the teaser show?

In the video, Sam claims that the group uses brute force and are very strong, even too strong. In the images, we can also see some masked men throwing policemen to the side with tranquility and jumping on top of trucks that are speeding. Would the serum of the super soldier be one of the possibilities for this force above normal?

Sam has another theory. The group is part of “the big three”: androids, aliens and wizards. Bucky is not a fan of the theory and claims that there are no wizards, Doctor Strange would be a wizard. Falcão argues that “a magician is a wizard without a hat”.

For Marvel fans, the mention of Doctor Strange comes at a good time, even if it’s a joke. After all, almost everyone was waiting for the hero to appear on WandaVision.

Hawk and the Winter Soldier debuts on March 19 at Disney +, promising a lot of action, fight scenes and provocations between Sam and Bucky.


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