Hawk and the Winter Soldier: Zemo dancer? See comical scene!


Hawk and the Winter Soldier: In his third week, Hawk and the Winter Soldier decided to reintroduce Baron Zemo to the world. MCU fans were very excited to have Daniel Brühl’s character back.In the episode, during the group’s trip to Madripoor, everyone went to the dance floor during an art show, in which the villain could be seen taking risks with some movements.Thus, the fans immediately noticed a comment that the actor made about the existence of a longer version of the dance. After that, to the audience’s delight, Marvel released an hour-long montage of the clip in question.

When the company released the longest version on Twitter, many fans went crazy.

Check out the comic scene:

Daniel Brühl comments on scene of Baron Zemo dancing

In an interview with Toronto Sun about the surprise viral moment in Disney + production, Brühl said the scene was not even in the script. The idea came up on the day they were filming, and for him, it only made sense considering the circumstances in which they found themselves. However, after filming, he was not sure if he would make the final cut.

The actor said: “It was born on the day and it was improvised. I was on the track and I should be doing something else. Then I saw the crowd dancing and I heard the beats and I thought, ‘Zemo needs to let go. He has been sitting in a German prison cell for years. He needs to show his small steps. ‘ I thought there would be no problem doing that little dance. But after I did it, frankly, I thought they would cut it off from the show. I am very happy, especially after seeing the reactions, that she was kept on the show “.

New episodes of Hawk and the Winter Soldier are available every Friday at Disney +!


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