Hawk and the Winter Soldier: Easter eggs of part 2


A new episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier was made available on Disney +. The Marvel series, which will continue to broadcast new episodes over the next few weeks, continues to bring interesting references to viewers related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In this list, check out some of the main references seen throughout the 2nd episode of the series!

10. Isaiah Bradley

The first black Captain America of the comics is presented in the 2nd episode of Falcão and the Winter Soldier. The story of Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly) is somewhat melancholy, as it shows how the 300 black soldiers who went through the experience of super soldiers were never celebrated like Steve Rogers.

At the MCU, he was imprisoned for 30 years, perhaps for the same reason as the comics – having taken Captain America’s nickname and costume on a mission.

9. Isaiah Bradley’s grandson

In a quick appearance, actor Elijah Richardson appears playing a teenager who is looking after his grandfather Isaiah. This is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, who in the comics becomes the superhero Patriot, a member of the Young Avengers.

8. Power Broker Inc.

Another direct foray from the comics in the Marvel series is the mention of Power Broker Inc., an organization dedicated to creating superhumans. Thus, there is a suggestion that the Flag-Smashers group stole the infamous serum from this company to achieve its goals. This serum, to create super soldiers, even, has a lot to do with the plot of the scientist Bruce Banner, also known as the Incredible Hulk.

7. Black Heroes and their Codenames

In one of the most entertaining scenes in the episode, there is severe criticism of the general lack of diversity in the superhero comic book industry. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) insists that his codename is not Black Falcon, or Black Hawk. And that is recurrent in several characters, isn’t it? This is the case of Marvel’s Black Goliath, and also of DC’s Black Lightning. But things seem to be changing.

6. The Shield

Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) wants to steal the shield back, but Sam reminds him of the consequences of the last time they tried, talking about events that happened, mainly, in Captain America: Civil War. He even cites Sharon Carter as part of the plan, showing that the character is very close to appearing on the series.

5. Post-credit scene

The relationship between Sam and Bucky is quite intense, with Sam always highlighting some rather problematic characteristics in the partner. Even so, the Winter Soldier does not fail to defend himself by emphasizing how he was treated in Wakanda, being even called the White Wolf. This even refers to one of Black Panther’s post-credit scenes.

4. Captain America’s helpers

One of the facts that occurs in the episode, which also reflects the personality of Sam, from the comics, is the request of John Walker (Wyatt Russell) for both the Falcon and the Winter Soldier to be his allies / helpers. However, it irritates Sam in a colossal way, as he always wanted to detach himself from being seen by everyone as a simple helper of Captain America.

3. The Captain America doll

John Walker understands his role as a government propaganda tool and does not seem to resent the spotlight as much as Steve Rogers. In one of the most fun scenes, he signs a box with a Captain America doll. It would be very interesting to be able to find this item for sale in the real world, wouldn’t it?

Interestingly, in the Agents of SHIELD series, a similar concept was used in one of his first trailers, suggesting that children were fascinated by Marvel superheroes and now collect Avengers dolls.

2. The Return of Zemo

At the end of the 2nd episode, Sam and Bucky intend to ask Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) for help. The villain is still in prison for his numerous acts of terrorism, but apparently he will be able to do anything to be able to break free and retake everything that was taken from him.

1. Star Wars

During the final scenes of the episode, it is possible to notice that Baron Zemo is in custody in cell number 2187. This is the same number as the cell in which Princess Leia was trapped in the first film in the Star Wars saga.


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