Hawaii Five-0: Actor Taylor Wily’s Last Appearance and What He’s Up To Now


Although Taylor Wily’s performance as Kamekona Tupuola in Hawaii Five-0 was a supporting character, she managed to win the hearts of viewers for her hilarious scenes on the show, quickly becoming a recurring favorite on the drama. However, this was the last appearance of the actor and what he has been doing ever since.

Kamekona was an insider on the titular police force who also owns several successful businesses, including a shrimp food truck, a helicopter tour company, and Wailoa Shaved Ice, he used to be a great help to the Five-0 team, due to who was getting them confidential information from the various criminals on the island of Hawaii.

One of the most memorable scenes on the show is when he gets a turkey for Lou Grover (Chi McBride) and his brother Percy (Clifton Powell) to settle a bet. Later, Danny (Scott Caan) and Steve (Alexander O’Loughlin), having enough with the restaurant business, sign Steve’s sole ownership over to Kamekona.

But, Grover’s brother was looking for a job, so he asks Kamekona to hire him for the restaurant as a chef, so they decide on a fun test that made all the viewers of the show laugh. In the end, after trying his food, he is surprised and hires him as an actor.

Although Hawaii Five-0 came to an end after 10 seasons in 2020, actor Taylor Wily managed to have different appearances in programs that share the same universe as Magnum PI, where he is seen sharing confidential information with the protagonist of this series Thomas Magnum (played by Jay Hernandez) and for the drama MacGyver. Although he also appeared in the romantic comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.

However, since Hawaii Five-0 ended, Wily hasn’t acted much. He starred in the short film “Gut Instinct”, which was completed but has not yet been released. But, he is working on the production of the feature film “Here Comes the Sun”, another project that could be released at the end of 2022.

The reality is that Taylor Wily’s performance is very warm on screen, which is why fans enjoyed her recurring performance in Hawaii Five-0, which is why they hope to see the star again in another project related to the universe. Five-0.