Having problems accessing the Slack app!


The Slack platform, which is at the forefront of teamwork applications, has been experiencing access problems worldwide in the last hours.


Slack, the most popular among team apps, has been facing access issues for the past few hours. According to the feedback from DownDetector and users, there are problems such as receiving and sending messages from within the application and from the website.

Slack officials, who did not make any explanation about the problem at first, finally explained what the problem was caused by before long.

Slack is having access issues due to DNS errors

The problem in Slack does not seem to affect all users. Because some people state that they have not experienced even the slightest interruption. Slack states in its statement that the error is probably caused by DNS and they are working on the solution.

If you are also having access problems on Slack, you can clear your ISP’s cached DNS information, or alternatively, you can use alternative servers such as Google or Cloudflare.

If the access problem still persists after all these procedures, there is no other choice but to wait. The authorities will fix all the troubles as soon as possible and make the platform normal again.

So what is the situation with you? Specify in the comments…


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