Having Problems Accessing Bank of America


It is reported that after the interruption on the Facebook side, which took place today and lasted for about 6 hours, there were also interruptions in Bank of America.

Access problems to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp continue to shake the internet. But the latest news isn’t just about this Facebook side. From time to time, problems may arise in Twitter and Telegram, where users flock to the collapse of these platforms.

In the last minutes, it is reported that users are experiencing problems at Bank of America , one of the largest banks in the world . Users reported that they could not access the bank’s website and services. On the Downdetector platform, where users report their instant problems, it was observed that access problems for Bank of America suddenly increased.

Access is suddenly interrupted:

Bank of America has not made any statement regarding the issue so far . On the other hand, some users announced that they did not have any difficulties in accessing the bank.


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