Having a tender moment while sleeping at SOOP


Jungkook and V make the ARMY fall in love with a very emotional scene while they were sleeping in the new episode of “In The SOOP”.

The BigHit group is a few days away from reuniting with ARMY through their online concert “Map of the soul ON: E”, where they will present new choreographies from their album “Map of the soul 7”, in addition, they are ready for their comeback with “BE”. Among their activities, there is also their reality show, where Jungkook and V showed why they are so close.


In a new episode of “In The SOOP”, BTS lived great moments, demonstrating once again why their bond is not only in professional terms, the seven members have forged a great friendship with each other, some are closer to each other due to the experiences they share and the moments they live together, just like Jungkook and V.


They both stole ARMY’s sighs with a very emotional scene in the latest video for their reality show. Idols have a great friendship full of adorable moments. On social media, ARMY shared clips, photos, and messages about the hug between Taehyung and Kookie.

In “In The SOOP”, the idols lived for a time in a house on the outskirts of the city and were able to show their more homely side, as well as the bond that exists between each of them. V has shown that he is very affectionate with his companions and always looks for them in the morning in an attempt to wake them up or continue sleeping next to him.

Jungkook was no exception, and in the new scenes that were revealed, V appears to go find his partner, apparently they were in a kind of sauna-type cabins. The idol entered and saw his friend asleep, so he decided to accompany him and hug him from behind, making the famous spoon when you share the dream with someone else.


ARMY melted for that moment, as some fans enjoy the so-called bromance, others think it is nice that they are friends who share those kinds of moments.


Those who also lived a very emotional moment were Jin and Suga, the idols decided to reflect on their fame and how BTS changed their lives.


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