Have you heard of the cosmic mystery?


Obviously, the Universe still has countless mysteries to be solved. But lately, astronomers have been breaking their heads to explain a newly discovered cosmic puzzle, a structure that, for the moment, has been called ORCs, short for Odd Radio Circles – or “strange radio circles” in free translation.

First identified in September 2019 by a scientist named Anna Kapinska of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in the U.S., ORCs consist of almost perfectly spherical acorns formed by radio emissions. However, no one can say exactly what these things are or how or from what they originate.

Cosmic riddles

To give you an idea, although ORCs appear clearly in observations in the form of radio spheres, they do not appear to release any type of emission in x-rays or infrared. Furthermore, although subsequent studies have pointed out that these objects are real – and not mere “noises” in the data recorded by radio telescopes – astronomers have not yet been able to determine how far away from us the circles are or what their dimensions are.

This is because, as scientists have only been able to confirm the existence of only 4 of these cosmic oddities so far, it has not yet been possible to determine whether ORCs consist of structures a few light years in diameter that “inhabit” here in the Milky Way or if of circles with thousands of light years that are incredibly distant from us, at the ends of the cosmos.


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