Have you believed that Ethereum will be $ 1500?


Ethereum price surpassed the $ 1500 level on February 3, breaking the all-time record. Reddit users predicted four years ago that the ethereum price would reach this level.

While celebrating the ethereum record, a Reddit user encountered a post that included predictions on the price of cryptocurrency years ago. The user named sanjaydgreatest shared a post on July 27, 2017, “Ethereum peaked by exceeding all our predictions.” said.

In the comments, it was surprising that the old estimates were parallel to the situations experienced today. In particular, the user named FunnyHunnyBunny came up with the guess he made in 2017. FunnyHunnyBunny at the time said:

“Ethereum will grow to $ 1500 in 5 years. But the reason for this will be the high inflation in the US dollar. ”


Referring to the Covid19 pandemic and inflation concerns, users declared FunnyHunnyBunny the Nostradamus of modern times.

What was discussed four years ago?

User named admiraldo said in a post he posted on July 27, 2017 that he wondered when ethereum could go up to $ 1500. There were also those who had positive expectations as well as those who had negative expectations among the commenters. A user who believes that cryptocurrencies such as ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin are balloons, “I hope I am wrong and ethereum will go up to $ 1,500.” said.

User named miguellorie explained how great faith he has in ethereum based on innovations. Stating that the price of ethereum will be $ 1500 in 5 years, the user said that eth is not just a crypto currency, a platform has been prepared for dApps, and that great changes will be seen on the internet with new algorithms. In addition, he stated that companies such as Microsoft, Intel and JPMorgan will invest in ethereum.

“What are these, we are at the top of everything.”

The output that predicts the market value

A user named PrivacyToTheTop777 said that for ethereum to be $ 1500, it must reach a market value of $ 130 billion. Some people stated that this value was too high. The current market value of cryptocurrency managed to reach $ 178 billion.

New predictions for Ethereum

Users expressed their short-term price views as four years ago estimates stood firm. Some users predicted that ethereum would reach $ 5,000 in 6 months, while others claimed it would reach $ 10,000 by the end of 2021. One of the users, referring to the high gas fees, “Let’s wish the gas charges disappear after 3 years.” said.


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