Have You Already Switched? Pete Davidson Remove His Kim Kardashian Tattoos While Relaxing on The Beach With Chase Sui Wonders


We all know that Pete Davidson’s tattooed body is just as popular as his dating history. Over the past few years, the American comedian has accumulated several dozen tattoos. From a cute white unicorn to Winnie the Pooh and a tribute to his ex-girlfriends, this ink holds a lot of sentimental memories. Pete reportedly has more than 70 tattoos on his body, some of which were carved in honor of his then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

While courting an American socialite, he boldly engraved the word “KIM” on his chest. However, because he wanted to tell the world about his blossoming romance with the reality TV star, this relationship became another ode in the life of the “Saturday Night Live” star, as the couple suddenly broke up after nine months. And now the 29-year-old actor has finally let go of all the memories by removing tattoos associated with his ex-girlfriend.

Pete Davidson burned tattoos dedicated to Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson was recently seen with Chase Sui Wonders on a beach vacation in Hawaii. According to rumors, the new couple seemed to be enjoying a romantic getaway, splashing together in the water. While the photos obtained by the Daily Mail showed something more shocking.

It was noticed that the Cute Meet star burned all the tattoos dedicated to Kim Kardashian. The “Suicide Squad” star sent a message with his shirtless body in the ocean that he did not want to maintain any ties with the past.

Moreover, this versatile artist looked happy with his colleague on Bodies Bodies Bodies on a tropical vacation. 26-year-old Wanders was dressed in a hunter-colored bikini, and Davidson was seen in multi-colored swimming trunks and a black baseball cap.

And if you don’t know, this decision to remove the tattoo wasn’t something instantaneous, because the Marmaduke star was captured last year with a bandage on her collarbone. At that time, many assumed that he had removed the ink “My Girlfriend is a Lawyer” using laser treatment. After all, it wasn’t just a rumor, as we saw in the new photos, that Pete Davidson got rid of that ink.

What do you think about this decision by Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend? Write your opinions in the comments.


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